Ivey-sol® Injection and Diffusion Radius

Animation illustrates enhanced plume contamination recovery through the injection, and recovery, of Ivey-Sol® into, and from, the subsurface. Ivey-Sol® injections interact with subsurface contaminants, decreasing absorption and adsorption factors thereby increasing contaminant mobilization and dissolution, leading to enhanced plume mass recovery. Enhanced recovery reduces remediation time for site closure over typical pump-and-treat systems.

Time 0:00-0:16 highlights placement of dual injection and recovery wells based on the injection and diffusion radius of Ivey-sol® within the plume limits. Well placement is further determined by site soil types (clay, silt or sand) and overlap of diffusion haloes.

Time 0:16-0:36 highlights the Ivey-Sol® injection (red), subsequent groundwater mounding, and radial diffusion halo within the vertical contaminant plume mass (green).

Time 0:36-0:45 highlights recovery of heterogeneous Ivey-Sol® and contaminant mixture (orange) in the subsurface through pumping of recovery wells (dually used as injection wells).

More information available at Ivey International Inc.

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